Create a Details Page for Your Event

If you enable a details page for your events in the collection, the information displayed on each event page is edited within your Events, in the Collections area.

1. Enter your Collections area by first entering the Content tool from the gray navigation bar.

2. Select Collections in the sub-navigation area.

3. Select Manage next to Events.

If you haven't configured your collection and enabled details pages already, you will need to complete the following two steps:

4. At the top right-hand side, there are three options: Click the blue Configure Collection link to configure how the Event collection works and appears on your site:

From the configuration page, you will see many settings you can configure to your needs.

5. You only need to look at the first section to enable your details page, titled Details Page. Enable an automatically-generated page for all events by toggling the option on:

6. Now, select the Save button and go Back to view all of your events. You can add information (such as special instructions, band biographies, or any other kind of text content) to your event details page, on both external events from Eventbrite, and events you've manually added to your collection. Select any event to enter that event's information area.

We will be focusing on the fields that add content to the event's details page. In the main Event Information area, three key fields are available for different event information:

Presented by This is a good place to add a sponsor/partner/promoter for the event. If enabled, text entered here will show above your Event title within the main view of events on the live site, as well as above the event name in the details page.
Openers / performing with Add your opening or other featured performers/bands here. Text entered here will show up below your Event title within the main view of events on the live site, as well as below the event name in the details page.
Description This text will appear on the event's details page only, below special instructions.

7. Input your event information in these three fields.

8. Scroll down until you find the Restrictions area and input information into these fields if you need. We've added information in our screenshots, for you to see as an example. These fields are not required.

Age or event restrictions Add any age or event restrictions into this field.
Special instructions There may be special arrival, ticketing, or parking instructions you need to let your attendees know of, this field is best for that kind of information.

9. Scroll down again and find the Media area. Paragraphs of information should go into the Details field, such as a band biography or synopsis of your event.

Below Details, you will see an area to add Media.

10. Select the blue Add URL link to add a link from one of these 4 online media streaming services: YouTubeVimeoSpotify, and SoundCloud. When you select the Add URL link, a field will appear for you to input a media URL. All you need to input in here is your media's share link; no embed codes are required, nor will they work. When your page is published, your media will be embedded in appropriate player widgets automatically.

11. Select the blue Save button to complete your changes. The details pages are now navigable from each event.

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