How do I buy or upgrade a website subscription?

Anytime during your 14 day trial period, you may add a subscription to one of your sites through the online Dashboard. Follow the steps below to locate the subscriptions available for you to purchase.

1. From the main Dashboard page, select Packages under the Dashboard header:


2. In the Do it Yourself Subscriptions area, select the blue Buy button to view the subscriptions:


3. Review and select the Subscription plan that you'd like to purchase by hitting the green Buy button:


4. If presented the option, select how you want to be billed, monthly or annually.

5. Select a current payment method or add a new one in the dropdown field.

6. Accept the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy by ticking the box on.

7. Immediately process the payment for your new subscription by selecting the green Pay button:


Your subscription will immediately be activated and a receipt will be sent to your email address on file.

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