How do I add an Hours block to my page?

We have a special block for you to input your hours of operation into, so follow the steps below to use the Hours block.

1. Select Content from your Dashboard navigation bar.

2. Select your Page by clicking it's title.

3. Select the green (+) icon located between any of your Content blocks.

4. Select the Hours block option.


5. Select the green Add Hours button and then input your hours into the necessary fields, select Add to add the hours in. If you are closed on some days, then tick the boxes on those days as well as the "Closed" option. If you have special notes about your hours of operation, such as holidays, input that into the Notes field:


6. There is no need to select Save in Content, so hit the Publish button to make your changes go live to your site.

Note: There are styling options available to this block, so go into Design and select the block to view the different options if you need.

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