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Great news, the SpaceCraft team has launched HTTPS encryption to all of our websites! Websites created after August 1st, 2017, will automatically be HTTPS enabled, but all other websites will require you to re-publish and confirm the HTTPS update in your Dashboard. Please read below for important information regarding the security of your website.

Websites created after August 1st, 2017:
If you have created a website after August 1st, 2017, your website is automatically served over HTTPS. Simply point your custom domain’s A-record (found at your domain provider) to the following SpaceCraft IP address:, then Publish your website. No other action is required.

Websites created before August 1st, 2017:
If you have created a website before August 1st, 2017, that has already been published to a custom domain, you can redirect your website traffic to be served over HTTPS by simply re-publishing your website and confirming the switch. Tip: You can enable the Publish button by making a small change on the website that you revert later after you have published. Keep in mind, once you Publish to HTTPS, you cannot revert back to HTTP later on.

Legacy Resolved:
After enabling HTTPS, your website domain(s) will be set to a "Legacy Resolved" domain status. That means the domain(s) you have added are working correctly, however, it is resolving to an old SpaceCraft IP address. For optimal performance, simply point your domain’s A-record to the following IP address:

Please note: When your website is served over HTTPS, any third-party widgets or custom code that are NOT served over HTTPS will cause a browser error and result in a broken webpage. You can check to see if anything is causing an error prior to switching to HTTPS by simply reviewing your website in the Design panel of the Dashboard. If everything is working as expected in the Design panel, then you may enable HTTPS.

How do I switch to HTTPS now?
First, login to your Dashboard at www.spacecrafted.com and follow the steps in the video or article found in the link below. After you update the A-record for your domain, go back to your Dashboard and Publish the website, it will confirm you are ready to switch to HTTPS. If you run into any issues, send our support team an email and we'll have you going in no time: support@gospacecraft.com, if you're a Concierge member, give us a call to speak to one of our specialists: (888) 534-2183, be sure to have your support PIN handy!

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