Setup a Password Protected Page

Allow only certain visitors access to a page on your site by using our password feature. This is very handy when you don't want your page or information found publicly on the web.

1. Select the Content tab in the gray navigation bar and click into the page you’d like to password protect (if you are looking to password protect the entire website, work within the Home page. If you are wanting to password protect a single page, click into that page).

2. On the right-hand sidebar, select the arrow icon next to Password to dropdown it's area.


3. Enable password protection by toggling on Require password.


4. A field-box will appear below the toggle option so you can input a custom password. "mypassword" is the default password, but you can change it. When you change the password, it automatically saves and is indicated by a blue checkmark.


5. Click the green Publish button to take the changes live!

Note: In your main Pages area, any password protected page will display a black lock icon next to the title of the page.

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