Video Guides

A 9 minute video walk-through highlighting most of SpaceCraft’s key features within the online Dashboard.
This essential video covers every key aspect of Content within your Dashboard.
Design Overview - 11 mins
A complete overview of the SpaceCraft Design tool.
We outline the steps needed to point your domain to SpaceCraft's servers.
Add a custom domain or subdomain to your SpaceCraft website.
In this quick video, we show you where to find your Concierge support PIN number.
You will receive a “Website Not Found” message if your domain has not yet been added to your site’s settings. In this video, we'll show you how to resolve this issue.
Input your YouTube or Vimeo videos and capture your audience's attention with the Video Gallery block.
Trigger a YouTube or Vimeo video to automatically play when a visitor lands on your page.
Parallax is a visually appealing design attribute available for you to enable on your background images and patterns. Follow these simple steps to add it to your website.
Eventbrite is the world's largest self-service ticketing platform, so we have teamed up to provide you a beautiful event website.
Learn the quickest way to add MINDBODY widgets to your SpaceCraft site.
Users & Roles - 4 mins
We cover all features of the Users & Roles panel so that you know how to correctly assign permissions to your team members.
Developers can add greater customization to a SpaceCraft site, so watch this video if you're wishing to add custom CSS or Javascript code.
Learn how to add a custom favicon image to your site.
Verifying site ownership with Google may be considered one of the most important setup steps for your website's SEO, so we walk you through the process.
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