How do I duplicate a page?

Duplicating pages is possible through the Content area of your Dashboard. Follow the steps below to duplicate any page on your website.

1. Select Content from the Dashboard navigation bar.

2. You will be taken to a list of all your Pages, select the gear icon on any page that you wish to duplicate to view the Page Settings:


3. In the black modal popup, select the blue Duplicate page link.

Important: You are unable to duplicate invisible pages, so first make these pages visible if you wish to duplicate them. You also cannot duplicate your currently set homepage for SEO reasons, so use a different page as the homepage first if you wish to duplicate the original one.


4. Select the green Yes button when prompted. Your cloned page will appear right below the one you just selected, with the same page title.


That's all! Your new page will have a unique system of style settings and you may edit it as needed. Keep in mind that changes made between these pages are not synced, they are independently managed. Also note that we do not allow you to duplicate entire parent and nested page sections.

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