Ask for Client Feedback

Most of our marketing packages include a feature that allows you to send email and text message campaigns to your customers, in order to encourage positive online reviews for your business. This marketing feature gives you the ability to update and manage your customer data so that you can send survey notifications to customers as you need.

If you've already purchased one of these marketing packages, one of our marketing specialists has set most of everything up for you already in regards to what is sent to the customer, but you are able to add as many customers to your Client Feedback spreadsheet as you would like. The customer data can be updated anytime, through a handy Google Spreadsheet that we provide you.

You should have received an invite following your project kick-off to manage your Client Feedback spreadsheet, hosted at Google. The spreadsheet is used as a database of your customers that have opted into your survey campaign. The versatility of a Google Spreadsheet allows you and your SpaceCraft marketing specialist to collectively manage the database. Follow the steps below to manage your Client Feedback spreadsheet.

If you never received an invite to your Client Feedback spreadsheet, contact our support team.

1. The invitation email for your spreadsheet sent to you at project kick-off will appear like the following screenshot. Select the blue Open in Sheets button to view the spreadsheet. This requires a Google Account, so signup for a new one if you need. See below for a preview of the email you will receive:


2. Your spreadsheet will appear very similar to the one below. In our screenshot, the first row is filled in as an example. Submit a new customer into the email and text message automation by typing their details into a blank row at the bottom of the spreadsheet. 

It is important to review the following definitions that you will need to specify for each row. Keep in mind that some columns are specified as "optional", but we recommend that you fill in every column.

Business ID *You will need to copy this ID number from the row above, it is unique to your marketing subscription with SpaceCraft. This ID number stays the same for each row and is required.
firstname Your customer's first name.
lastname Your customer's last name.
email Your customer's personal email address.
mobile number Your customer's personal mobile phone number.
city Your customer's resident city.
state Your customer's resident state.
Opt-Out* This pertains to text message notifications only. Type "Yes" to stop the customer from receiving text message notifications. Type "No" to keep the customer active in your text message campaign.

Go ahead and input the first person into your Client Feedback spreadsheet by typing their details into the last blank row:


The spreadsheet saves automatically after you leave the page and our system will deliver the email and text message within about 15 minutes.

*IMPORTANT: Due to certain legislation that protects residents of the USA, it's important that your customers first give you consent to send them text messages. If you don't have permission, please make sure to type "Yes" under the Opt-Out column, this will prevent them from receiving text message notifications.
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