Duplicate Suppression

What is Duplicate Suppression?:

Caused by inconsistent or inaccurate business listings, duplicate listings are additional records of business information that can impact a company’s online presence. Duplicate Suppression is a feature that addresses the duplicate listings issue at the source.

Annoying, time-consuming, and nearly impossible to fix manually, duplicate listings can continue to pop up even after being fixed because it is often out of a business’ control to correct these listings at the publisher level. Duplicate Suppression is able to deactivate duplicate listings so only authoritative listings are pushed live.

With Duplicate Suppression, marketers have access to:

  • Automatic Duplicate Detection: Proprietary technology that automatically identifies the listings to suppress from the listings to optimize.
  • Unlimited Suppression: Suppress all the duplicate listings for a business location. 
  • Publisher-Level Suppression: There are many ways duplicate listings get created, but only one way to solve them before they reach customers, and that’s at the publisher source. 
  • Suppression Status and Verification: Suppressing duplicates requires an ongoing signal to the publisher. While you're subscribed to Duplicate Suppression, we will constantly share this information with publishers.
  • Duplicate Redirects: Redirect traffic from duplicate listings to a root listing, preserving hard-earned SEO and listing traffic.

Duplicate Suppression is crucial to any local SEO strategy because a search engine’s success depends upon delivering reliable content to its users, and so in their own self-interest, search engines rank businesses based on the quality and accuracy of their content online. Duplicate listings dilute a business’ reliability in its online information, which lowers the business’ value and place on a SERP.

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