What is Review Generation?

Customer feedback refers to firsthand information from your customers about how they feel about your product or service. Customer feedback can come from many places: online or written surveys and forms, call centers, and comment cards are the most traditional ways, but today, the most powerful customer feedback comes from public forums like review sites and social media.

The Voice of the Customer is the most powerful marketing tool, since customers trust other customers most. If customers are sharing negative feedback about your brand, other customers are reading it and forming opinions based on it -- to change the conversation, you need to do the same. Negative customer feedback is a critical resource for understanding what to improve and why customers behave the way they do. Monitoring customer feedback in real-time allows you to solve problems before they escalate, build strong customer relationships and loyalty, and reduce customer churn.

The best way to get more customer feedback is to ask for it. Asking every customer for feedback in real-time at critical customer journey touchpoints (i.e. after a transaction) makes your feedback request relevant and engaging, and minimizing the steps involved in leaving feedback helps you capture feedback from a greater percentage of your customer base, including those not typically active online.

We make it easy to get more customer feedback on a regular basis by sending automated SMS and email requests to your customers at critical customer journey touchpoints (i.e. after a transaction) to connect with customers in-the-moment.

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