Call Tracking

What is Call Tracking?

Call tracking is used to measure what kinds of online visitors are calling in through your website. This can be especially useful to track the success of your online marketing campaigns, which is why we include Call Tracking on our Growth, Promote, and Maximize Packages.

First, we'll place a piece of code on your website that will swap your original phone number with a call tracking number depending on how the searcher came to the website. Anyone who calls in through a call tracking number will be forwarded to your original phone number.

Note: These call tracking numbers will remain yours for the duration of your marketing package.

Our Google Analytics and Google AdWords integrations allow you to send your calls to Google Analytics and report phone calls as conversions in Google AdWords. These insights give you a complete view of your PPC and website campaigns to really understand what’s working. The integration also makes reporting easier so you can quickly share your successes with those who need to know.

We integrate with your existing Google Analytics account. Every time someone calls your tracking number, we send the call straight to your Analytics account. You can view your call tracking data alongside other granular visitor events, all in the Google Analytics dashboard.

Our Google Analytics call tracking integration offers a more complete way to report and analyze information in Analytics, giving you more insight into visitor interactions than ever before. The integration is quick and easy to set up, and will give you the actionable data you need to help make important decisions about your marketing strategies moving forward.

Call tracking in Google Analytics gives a complete view of how marketing efforts are working, enabling you to see phone calls alongside other conversions you’re tracking such as online appointment forms and newsletter signups.

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