Change the Text in a Browser Tab

You have the ability to change the text that appears in your browser's tabs. 


By default, the tabs will display the page title along with your site title. Your site title is automatically appended to the end of your page title for every page on your website by default - however, you can turn this off if desired.

How to change a tab's text on a per-page basis

To change the text that appears in the tab on a specific page, navigate to the Content panel at the top of your dashboard, then navigate to the page that you would like to change. On the right-hand side, click on SEO & Sharing. In the box labeled Meta Title, enter the text that you would like to appear. Screen_Shot_2020-01-15_at_11.59.20_AM.png
Click Publish to make the changes public.  Screen_Shot_2020-01-15_at_11.52.55_AM.png


How to change or remove your site title

Navigate to the Settings panel (the gear icon at the top of your dashboard), then click on SEO.

Change your site title

Remove your site title

Screen_Shot_2020-01-15_at_12.08.57_PM.png Screen_Shot_2020-01-15_at_12.08.30_PM.png
To change your site title (ideally, it should be your business name), type in the desired text in the box labeled Site title. Click Publish to make the changes public. To prevent your site title from appearing on all of the tabs of your website, navigate to the Search Settings section, then unselect the button next to Append business name/site title to tag.
Screen_Shot_2020-01-15_at_12.03.49_PM.png Screen_Shot_2020-01-15_at_12.07.44_PM.png


Further reading

In addition to modifying the text in your browser tabs, these settings also provide a user-friendly method of improving your site's search engine optimization (SEO) settings.

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