Edit/Delete Team Member Information

Editing team member information is easily done within a single view. Change all of your information through the Team Members Collection view, and watch in real time as the information is reflected across your website.

To edit information for your team members:

1. Click on the Content tool in the gray navigation bar.

2. Select the Collections subheader, and then click on the Team Members link to go to your team members library.


3. Locate the member whose information you'd like to edit, and click on their name.


4. Within the next page, you'll want to locate the fields you'd like to edit. Simply click within a description box or field and begin typing.

5. Once you've finished modifying information, be sure to click the blue Save button at the bottom of the page.


Your changes have now been saved and you've successfully modified your team members information!

To delete a team member, use the gear icon below the Actions column to remove a listing.


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