How do I submit my sitemap to search engines?

To submit your website's sitemap to Google and Bing, you first log in to the appropriate webmaster tools and verify your site ownership. Before following the steps below, ensure that the URL you input is the primary domain in your Domain settings by going to Settings > Domains and selecting the star icon next to the domain you wish to choose as primary.


1. From your Google Search Console, select the name of your website (ex. ""), dropdown Crawl on the lefthand side, then select Sitemaps.

2. Select the red Add/Test Sitemap button and in the box that appears, type the following: sitemap.xml

3. Select Submit to finish.


1. From your Webmaster Tools Dashboard, select Configure My Site and then Sitemaps.

2. In the Submit a sitemap field, type your URL with the addendum /sitemap.xml (exactly how the example in the box shows).

3. Select Submit Sitemap.

Done! The search engines will use your sitemap to crawl your website.

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