How do I use Clicky with SpaceCraft?

To use Clicky Web Analytics to monitor your SpaceCraft website:

1. Go to

2. Click the Register Now button on the home page

3. Follow the steps to sign up for a new account

4. From the next page, click the Preferences link

5. Under Site information, you'll see a few codes, but the only two you need for SpaceCraft are the Site ID and the Site Key

6. In your SpaceCraft Dashboard select Settings (gear icon)

7. Select Apps

8. Select the Analytics tab

9. Select the green Clicky tile

10. Now head back over to the window, highlight and copy the Site ID

11. Back in the SpaceCraft Dashboard, paste the Site ID into the appropriate field

12. Follow Steps 9-10 for the Site Key

13. Select Save

You're good to go! Clicky Web Analytics is now tracking the activity on your website.

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