Connecting Twitter

To add a live Twitter feed to your website:

1. Select the Settings icon in the gray navigation bar and click on the Apps subheader.


2. Select the green Add Third Party App button, and click into the Social category tab.


3. Click on the Twitter tile and enter in your account information, or authorize the app. 

To have your content appear on your website:

1. Select the Content tab in the gray navigation bar, and click on the Page where you want to add your feed.

2. Use the green plus sign to add a Social content block.


3. Enter in your title, and choose your Twitter account from the drop-down menu. You can limit the number of tweets you'd like to show up on the page by clicking into the Limit field and selecting a number.

- OR - 

Another option is to choose a page where you'd like to feature your latest tweet and add a Featured content block, then choose your Twitter account from the drop-down menu

- OR -

You can add a Social block to your Global sidebar and pull your Twitter feed in there so users see your tweets on every page across your site.

Note: It may take an hour or so for tweets to start showing up.

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