How do I add a new post to my blog?

To add a new blog post to your website, try these steps:

1. Select Content from the Dashboard navigation bar.

If you don't already have a Blog section, select the Add New Page button, then choose Blog and Add and it will appear at the end of your list of Pages.

2. Enter your Blog page by selecting it's title, then scroll until you see the Posts block.

3. Select the green Add new post button.

4. You will be taken to a screen and block to input a Title, Date, AuthorDescription (the body of your post) and a blue Image field for the thumbnail image that appears in the post.

5. You can also add many types of additional media seen inside the post, such as Video with text, Image galleries, or HTML blocks for third party widgets. Select the green (+) plus icon to view your available block options.

6. When you're ready to make your post live on the site, select the big green Publish button in the top righthand corner of your Dashboard.

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