How do I enable Disqus on my SpaceCraft blog?

To add the Disqus commenting platform to your SpaceCraft blog, first head to and click the orange "Get this on your site" button.

Follow the steps to register your site, and make note of the "Site Shortname" you choose. You'll use this to connect Disqus to your site. Now, here's how to get comments using SpaceCraft with Disqus:

1. Select Content

2. Select Add Content Sections and choose Blog (you can change the title of this section from Blog to whatever you like)

3. Select Settings (gear icon) in the navbar

4. Select Apps under the Settings header

5. Select Comments

6. Select the Disqus tile and add the site short-name you chose when you signed up for your Disqus account

That's it! A place for readers to leave comments is now ready and waiting on your SpaceCraft blog.

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