How do I add a Wufoo form to my website?

To add a custom form to your website built with Wufoo--a service that SpaceCraft offers a App connection to--first go to and click “Sign Up Free”.

1. Create your account, then click the “Let’s go make one!” green link to go to the form builder

2. Choose the fields you want, and add custom titles, descriptions, and instructions by typing in the lefthand column next to the preview of your form

3. Click Save Form. A pop-up will appear giving you three options - to continue editing the form, set up email notifications, or go to the Form Manager

4. If your form is complete, click to set up email notifications so when someone fills out your form on your website, you’ll receive an email

5. Once you’ve done this, click the Forms tab to go back to the Form Manager

6. Beneath the name of your brand new form, click the Share button

7. On the next page, in the upper righthand corner, click the API Information button

8. Highlight and copy the API Key that appears on the next page


Now head back to SpaceCraft:

9. Select Settings (gear icon) from your Dashboard navbar, then select Apps

10. Select the green Add Connection button

11. Then select the Forms tab, followed by the Wufoo option

12. Type in the subdomain you chose for your Wufoo account (, then paste in the API Key and select Save


You’re now ready to add the form to any page on your SpaceCraft website:

13. Go to the page where you want the form, select the green + button and choose the green Form tile

14. Then choose the Wufoo form you just created from the dropdown list in the Form block

15. Select Publish

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