How do I create a tracking URL for Facebook?

Follow these steps to create a tracking URL for Facebook:

1. Select Settings (gear icon)

2. Select the Apps tab at the top

3. Select the Analytics category

4. Check to make sure you have Google Analytics connected, if you do not have a Google Analytics account, create and connect an account by visiting:

5. Navigate to:

6. Choose Send people to your website; other campaign objectives may require other tracking methods not covered here

7. In a new browser tab or window, navigate to:

8. Complete the fields to the best of your ability; the more information you provide here, the better your tracking will be in Google Analytics

9. Select Create URL and copy the URL that is provided

10. Navigate back to your new Facebook campaign

11. Paste the URL from step 9 into the field labeled "Enter URL to promote"

12. Complete the remaining steps

13. If at any time you would like to change the tracking URL, you can go back to the top of the page and replace the existing URL (this will erase your progress in the setup)

14. Select Place Order at the bottom and complete any billing information

You can create unique tracking URLs for each new ad variation using the URL builder tool.

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