Add Social Sharing Icons to Your Items/Posts

Turn on Social Sharing to allow your visitors the ability to share the content from your website via Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Twitter, and email.

1. Select the Settings gear icon in the gray navigation bar. From the subheader menu, click on Sharing.


2. In the Sharing panel, toggle your preferred platforms on or off.


To enable the icons on your List block, you must go to the page that you want these icons to appear on in the Design tool:

1. Click the Page tab on the right-hand side of your website preview, and select your List block from the list of content blocks on the page.


2. Find the Social Sharing dropdown area in the panel, you will see Show social sharing icons. Tick the option so it has a blue checkmark next to activate it. Style and adjust the icons in this area as well.

3. Select Save and Publish to take your changes live!

Note: You can also choose to show social sharing icons on any type of list block, such as Products display, Blog posts, Job postings, etc.

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