Backup Your Website Design, Revert Changes, or Reset to Last Published Design

Backing up your website design saves a previous version of it, so if you make changes that you do not want to keep, you can easily revert back to one of the saved designs.

1. Click on the Design tool in the gray navigation bar.


2. Select the Back Up Design button at the bottom of your website preview.

3. Fill in a backup title and then select the blue Save Backup button.

Note: Keep in mind that this feature does not work for the content of your website, only the design of it. If you need to save text content for later use, we recommend copying and pasting the information into a Word document.

You also have the ability to revert to the latest published version of your website, even if you don't already have a backup saved. This comes in handy if you make changes on the website, but then decide you don't want to keep any of those changes.

Here is how you would revert to the last published version:

1. Click on the Design tool in the gray navigation bar.
2. Select the Reset to Published at the bottom of the website preview.
3. Click on the orange Reset button to complete.


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