Access to Developer Tools - CSS, Head & Body JS

Developer tools allow you to add custom CSS and JS code to your site. The tools are not available by default, so here are the steps to gain access: Note: Only Owner and Admin roles can access the Settings panel. If you are a Contributor, you will need to ask the site Admin to grant you Developer permissions.

1. Select the Settings icon in the gray navigation bar.

2. Click on Users & Roles subheader under Settings.

3. Select the edit link next to the user email you want to grant access to.

4. Check the Developer box and select Save.
5. Refresh the Dashboard in your browser. You should now see an additional Developer icon in your Dashboard navigation bar (the box with arrows next to the gear icon).

Custom CSS & Javascript code that you add overwrites any changes made in the design tool, so if you aren't very experienced with custom code, we suggest that you consult with our support team before making significant changes. 

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