Add a Favicon

Note: Adding/changing your Favicon requires access to developer tools. 

A favicon is the name of the small image that appears in your browser's tab for every website you visit:

1. Select Developer Tools in the gray navigation bar, and then select the Body JS section, not CSS.

2. In the Body JS section, paste this code into the very top or bottom of the code box:

/*---------- Favicon ----------*/

var favicon = document.createElement('link');

favicon.type = 'image/png';

favicon.rel = 'icon';

favicon.href = '$c92b991a587b4057a1e99551837ca7b1$';


3. With your mouse, click and highlight the $c92b991a587b4057a1e99551837ca7b1$ portion of the code and select the Insert Image button in the developer toolbox.

4. Select the favicon image from your Image Library or Upload one by double-clicking the blue upload box.

Note: We recommend a 32 by 32 or 16 by 16-pixel image, saved as a .PNG.

5. Select the blue Save button above the code box.

6. Select Publish to take your changes live!

Refresh your live site and you should see your new favicon!

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