How do I make an image clickable to a PDF?

SpaceCraft allows you to turn text or images clickable to a PDF.  Follow these steps:

1. Select Content from the navbar
2. Click Resource library on the right sidebar
3. Upload your PDF through the blue box
4. Go back to the Content tab and select a page
5. Select the green + button between content blocks
6. Select the green Resource tile

7. In the Resource block, select Pick from Library

8. Select the PDF you want to link to
9. Select the Design this page palette icon in the top righthand sidebar
10. Right-click on the PDF link in the preview window and select Copy link address
11. Go back to the content block with the Image
12. Select the link icon of the image you want to attach it to

13. Paste the link address (we recommend you check "open in new window")
14. Select Save
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