How do I add and use a featured content block in my page?

Featured content is a content block that helps users navigate around the website, leads them into other pages, and highlights content sections they might not otherwise click into.

Featured Content on the Home Page

In a featured content block, you can provide a snippet (image, title, and a portion of the text) of another section of your website. So on your homepage, you can feature your locations, linking to the full descriptions and maps to them that live on your actual Locations page.

Featured Content to Highlight Sections of Your Website

Use featured content on any page to remind users of parts of your website you want them to find, pages like your Social feed, Products page, About Us page, or even a specific item on a page, such as one of your team members who is relevant to the page the user is currently viewing.

Follow these steps to add a Featured content block to your page:

1. Select Content in your Dashboard navbar

2. From the list of Pages, Select the Page you want to add the Featured Content block to

3. Now select the green + icon between content blocks and select the Featured content option

4. Your Featured content block will appear, select the arrow to dropdown a list of content you can add to this block. Use the trash icon next to each item to remove it.

5. Select Save and Publish to make it live now

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