Add a Domain or Subdomain to Your Website

Very Important: To add a domain to your website, you first need to point the domain to SpaceCraft's server.

What is a Custom Domain?

A custom domain, also known as a vanity URL, is a great to make your website's brand unique and quick to access in a browser. Begin by purchasing an annual plan with us and taking advantage of your free custom domain, or buy your domain with a domain name registrar. 

Once your domain has been purchased and pointed to SpaceCraft's server:

1. First, go to your Settings on your top menu and then click on Domains.


2. Select the green "Add Custom Domain" button, and type in your domain. You will type in your custom domain twice, once including www. and once without. (For example,  &


3. Once your custom domains are added, you will have the option to set your primary domain by enabling the toggle option next to the domain name. Selecting the primary domain without the www. is a standard recommendation by our team, but isn't always required if you have technical reasons. Your other domains will point your visitors to your primary website.


4. Select Activate Domains once you are done adding in your new domain to take your website live.

What is a Subdomain?

A subdomain is a domain that we allow you to share with others on the live web, which is the default when you publish your website. Subdomains are usually for temporary use but are also useful to share the site publicly without owning a custom domain.

1. From the Domains panel, select the green Add Subdomain button and input your desired subdomain into the field that appears.


2. Replace "mysubdomain" with what you specified and that is the URL to your site:

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