How do I add a domain to my dashboard?

Follow the steps below to add a custom domain or subdomain to your SpaceCraft site.

Very Important: To add a custom domain, you first need to point the domain to SpaceCraft's server.


A Custom domain is one that you have purchased with a domain registrar (e.g. ".com" or ".net"). Custom domains are great to make your site brand unique and are quick to access in a browser.

1. Select Settings (gear icon) at the top of the Dashboard to enter your site's settings.

2. Under the Settings header, select Domains.

3. Add the custom domain in twice by selecting the green Add Custom Domain button, once including www and once without. For example:  &

4. After you add the domain in twice, you will have the option to set your primary domain by enabling the toggle option next to the domain name (it will turn blue). Selecting a primary domain is a standard recommendation by our team, but isn't always required if you have technical reasons.


Subdomain (e.g. is a SpaceCraft domain that we allow you to share with others on the live web. Subdomains are usually for temporary use but are also useful to share the site publicly without owning a custom domain.

1. From the Domains panel, select the green Add Subdomain button and input your desired subdomain into the field that appears.

2. After typing your subdomain, select the blue Save button.

Replace "mysubdomain" with what you specified and that is the URL to your site:


Helpful Tip: If the SpaceCraft subdomain or Custom Domain is not available, then it is already being used by another SpaceCraft site.

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