How do I add a domain to my dashboard?

To add a domain to your SpaceCraft website:

1. Select Settings (gear icon) in the Dashboard navigation bar.

2. Select Domains under the Settings header.

There are two types of domains you can add to your SpaceCraft website:

A) Custom domain (example: - this is a domain that you have purchased with a domain registrar. Custom domains are great to make your site brand unique.

1. To set up a custom domain, you first need to point the domain to SpaceCraft.

2. Add 2 domains, one including www and one without (e.g. &

3. After you add the two domains, you will have the option to set your primary domain by selecting the "star" to the left of the domain name. Selecting a primary domain is important to avoid duplicate content issues.

B) Subdomain (example: - this is a SpaceCraft domain that we allow you to customize and share with others. Subdomains are usually temporary but are very useful to share your new website publicly without owning a custom domain.

Note: If the SpaceCraft subdomain is not available, then it is already being used by another account.

Add Subdomain or Custom Domain buttons
Added Domains Example


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