Connect/Add Pike13 Widget

Here is how to connect Pike13 with your website:

1. Select the Settings gear icon from your gray navigation bar and click on the Apps sub-header. Click on the green Add Third Party App button.


2. Select the Operations tab, and then add the Pike13.


3. Paste in your Pike13 subdomain URL into the field that appears (if you do not already have an account, go to Pike13 and create one now).

4. Select the blue Save button to complete the new app connection.

Now you are connected! To add a Pike13 widget to your website:

1. Login to Pike13.

2. At the top of any Pike13page, select See What Clients See and then select any page on your website.

Tip: Embed the schedule for a specific service by tapping the name of that service on the schedule.

3. Select the Share button in the top right, and then select Get Schedule Widget code.

4. Under Embed this HTML code in your website, copy the HTML code.

5. Now, go back to your website's backend and add an HTML block.

6. Paste the embed code into the HTML block and Save.

7. Click on the green Publish button to take your changes live! 

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