Connecting/Adding Your Facebook Feed

Connect your Facebook to show your feed right there on your website. To do this:

1. Select the Settings gear icon in the gray navigation bar and click on the Apps subheader to go to your connected apps.


2. Select the green Add Connection button and select the Social tab, and then click on the Facebook option.


3. Login to your profile to complete the connection.

Note: If you own or manage a Facebook business page, your personal profile will be the correct profile to connect to. When you go to select your social feed in a Social block, you will find all the pages your Facebook profile administrates.

You may now add your Facebook feed to any Social block.

To add your Facebook feed to a social block:

1. Select the Content tool in the gray navigation bar and click on the Page you want to add a social feed to, and then select the green + button between content blocks to add a Social block if you do not already have one.


2. Click on the Feed field and select from your currently active Facebook pages. Limit sets the number of posts on your page.


Note: It may take an hour or so for Facebook posts to start showing up.

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