What is email capture, and how do I add it?

Email capture is a way for users to sign up for newsletters and other email-related news about your business or site. We integrate with multiple third party email capture companies, so that you can manage all of your customer's information and email campaigns through their dedicated tools.

You can connect with email capture through the Apps tab in your Settings panel. To add a connection, follow these steps:

1. Select Settings (gear icon) in the Dashboard navigation bar.

2. Select Apps under the Settings header.

3. Select Add Third Party App.

4. Select the Email Capture category tab:


5. Select which Email capture website you use. We currently support the following App connections:

Campaign Monitor
Constant Contact
Response Wise

* This list is subject to change.

In order to use an email capture block, you must have an account setup with one of the providers available.

These steps shown above get your email capture connected to your website, click here to integrate the signup box into your design so you can start gaining more subscribers.

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