Style Your Mobile Navigation

We offer up a robust selection for your site's mobile navigation. Your site comes with a mobile navigation that will match the template you picked. You will find all customization options for your navigation within the Design tool.

1. Select the Design tool from the gray navigation bar. If not already selected, select the Sitewide tab on the right-hand sidebar. Then, select Navigation.


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2. Select the Mobile tab to view your mobile navigation design settings.


3. View all of your possible icon choices by clicking on the Layout design box.


We give you 45 icons with over 130 icon style and shape variations to choose from, providing unique customization for you and your business' brand.

4. Scroll down to change your Text and the shape of your Social Icons.


5. Within the Expandable Menus panel, design how the navigation menu appears on the reveal. Change the Background color by selecting the color picker box.


6. Select Save and Publish to make all of your navigation changes live now.


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