Change DNS records on InMotionHosting

Typically, DNS records are changed through your domain registrar, and in this case it would be InMotionHosting. However, InMotionHosting doesn't host DNS records for domains that do not purchase a hosting package from them.

In order to set your needed DNS records you can either transfer the domain to GoDaddy, which will take about 7 days, or use a third party like CloudFlare on the "baseline security plan" that includes free DNS management.

1. Start by signing up for a free CloudFlare account:

Sign up with CloudFlare

2. Then, point your domain name to the CloudFlare nameservers that they provide you. Use the following article to find the nameservers for your own CloudFlare account. The article also provides steps on how to add your DNS records into CloudFlare:

Not sure where to find your new Nameservers values in CloudFlare? 

3. Now, you need to change the nameservers within InMotionHosting's AMP portal to the CloudFlare nameservers you found by using the last article. This article should have all the steps you need on changing your Domain's Nameserver records in AMP:

How to Change Your Domain Nameservers in AMP

4. After you successfully point to CloudFlare by adding the nameservers into AMP, now you need to add an A record and CNAME record within the CloudFlare dashboard. The CloudFlare baseline security package is free, so using DNS management should cost you absolutely nothing.

Add the following two records to your DNS zone file.

The A record you need to add into CloudFlare is as follows:

Type: A
Name: (Example:
TTL: 10 minutes

The CNAME record you need to add into CloudFlare is as follows:

Name: www
Value: (Example:
TTL: 10 minutes

5. That's it! DNS changes can take anywhere from 1 to 48 hours to complete, but are typically noticed sooner, so be sure to wait the recommend time before deciding your records are set incorrectly. If you have any other question at all, feel free to submit a ticket request to us!

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