Choose Which Events are Active, Inactive, or Scheduled

You will always find all of your events in the Events collection panel. When managing the Events collection you may want to set different events to appear right now, be inactive, or be scheduled to appear at a specific time and date. Keep in mind that only events you have manually added into your Events collection allow you to change the Status.

1. Enter your Collections area by first going to the Content tool your gray navigation bar.

2. Select Collections under the Content header.

3. Select Manage next to Events.

4. From the Events collection panel, have a look at the Status column on the right-hand side. If you have added events into here already then the Status will be Active by default.

Select the blue "Active" link on one of the events and you will see three different options: Active, Inactive, and Scheduled.

5. As you can see: Active, Inactive, and Scheduled.

5. Notice how the three different statuses can be differentiated by the colored bars that appear for Inactive and Scheduled.

6. After you choose your Event's status, select the blue Save button in the Status window.

If you need any more assistance with managing your events, please see this article: 

How do I manage or configure my Events collection?

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