How do I take a screenshot on a PC or Mac?

In certain support instances, you may need to provide a screenshot of your situation or issue. Follow these steps to create a screenshot: 

A. How to take a screenshot on a Mac (OS X):

1. With your mouse, click and hold Command + Shift + 4 (CMD+Shift+4) on your keyboard, then release.
2. Your cursor will turn into crosshairs, so now move your mouse to where you would like to start the screenshot.
3. Click, hold and drag when you have selected the area, let go of the mouse or trackpad to complete the image capture.
4. Your screenshot should appear on your desktop and the filename will appear in a similar format: "Screen Shot 2020-04-04 at 4.20.10 PM.png"

B. How to take a screenshot on a PC (Windows):

There are two options to create a screenshot and save it in a PC:

Option 1) Press the PrintScreen (Prt Sc) key on your keyboard. Usually located between F12 and Scroll lock. If you're on a laptop you will have to press the FN or function key to access the Prt Sc key.
After pressing the keys, you will have taken the screenshot. It should be copied to the clipboard. After it is stored in the clipboard, you may open Paint or a similar program and paste it in order to save it to your computer.

Option 2) Another way to screenshot on a PC is to use the Snipping Tool. The Snipping Tool is already installed on Windows. Once you open the tool, you simply drag where you want to screenshot and let go of the mouse or trackpad. A window should pop up, where you can save that screenshot.

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