Style Your Video Gallery Block

Stylizing your video gallery block is quite simple, and can be done through the Design tool.

1. Select the Design tab in the gray navigation bar and select the Page title that your video gallery is on.

2. Select the Page tab on the right-hand sidebar, then click the title of your Video gallery block from the list of blocks on your page.


3. All of your block's Design settings will appear. Click into the Type drop-down and select one of the 7 Video gallery layouts.


4. Have a look below the Type area in Videos, you will see tab options for Style and Text. The text area will allow you to enable the Titles and Descriptions of your videos. You can even include a background color under the descriptions.



5. When you are happy with the way your Video gallery looks, click on the green Save button, and then the Publish button to take your changes live!

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