Eventbrite Event Image Not Rendering Properly

While your website is set up to pull in data from your Eventbrite account, Eventbrite remains the system of record for all of your event data, which includes your event image. You will want to follow the best practices outlined in this article when uploading images to an event.

Having a high-quality event image helps attract attendees to your event, and it's the only image that appears on Eventbrite's homepage, search directory, mobile app, and other promotional tools. Eventbrite uses the event image to share and promote your event, and it's displayed on all screen sizes and device types. Make sure to preview your event listing on both desktop and mobile, a large majority of your attendees will browse your events on their smartphones.

Use the following image guidelines, provided by Eventbrite, to have the highest quality event image: 

  • Dimensions: Find at least a 2160 x 1080px (2:1 ratio) image. A 2:1 ratio image is a horizontal or landscape image that's twice as wide as it is tall (or close to that ratio).

  • File type: Pictures with file types JPEG, BMP, PNG, or GIF work best. We support transparent images but recommend against it, because it can lead to issues displaying the image properly on certain devices and browsers.

  • File size: Use a photo that's no larger than 10MB.

  • General: Avoid images that have a lot of text, logos, and fliers. The additional information in the photo can distract attendees when viewing it on your event listing, the Eventbrite search directory, and other promotional tools.

  • Make sure to check the dimensions, file type, and file size before adding your event image to the Eventbrite dashboard.

To see the dimensions, file type, and file size for your image, find the image file on your computer, then right-click on the file. You can choose "Get Info" (for Mac) or "Properties" (for PC).

If you continue to have issues with your images, please don't hesitate to contact Eventbrite by visiting their support page.

 For full details on how to choose or craft the best event image, please see this Eventbrite article:

How to choose a great event image

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