Change DNS records on Enom

Below are steps on how to point the DNS records of your website registered through Enom to SpaceCraft. Today we will be adding an A Record to your DNS zone file:

1. Login to your Enom account.
2. From the navigation bar, hover over Domains, and then select My Domains.
3. Select your domain name.
4. Click on Host Records or select Host Records from the drop-down list. If the Host Records option is not available to you, it could mean that your domain name is not using the Enom DNS servers.

Note: When you move name servers, your existing name servers will no longer be used. As a result, website and email from other providers may be lost. Record your current DNS records if you may need to revert to them later on. 


5. Now, add in the following A Record to your DNS Zone file:

Host name: @

Record type: A


TTL (if available): 3600

6. Select Save to complete your DNS changes.

7. Make sure that you have added your domain to your SpaceCraft settings and selected Publish in our Dashboard. The site will not appear until you do so.

Note: DNS changes can take up to 24-48 hours to complete, but are typically noticed sooner.

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