How do I add Google Analytics to my site?

Google Analytics is a great way to monitor and gauge the traffic on your website. Steps below will show you how to add Google Analytics to your site:

1. Go to and select Sign-In to use your current Google account and then choose Google Analytics in the dropdown options.

2. If you don't already have a Google Account: On the next page, select Create An Account. Complete your site and account information.

3. Enter your New Account information into the fields.

4. Select Get Tracking ID.

5. Agree to the Google Terms of Service by selecting I Accept.

6. Copy the code that begins with "UA".

7. Back in the SpaceCraft Dashboard, select Settings (gear icon).

8. Select Apps under the Settings header.

9. Select the green Add Connection button.

10. Now select the Analytics tab (which is automatically selected for you).

11. Select Google Analytics (Universal).

Note: The non-universal Google Analytics option is for our legacy customers who may still be using this tracking code. We do not recommend using that option.

12. Paste the "UA" code from Google and select Save.

13. Now, head back to the Google Analytics panel to begin using the tool.

Now you are completely ready to start tracking your web traffic!

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