How do I add Ecwid to my website?

Ecwid is a leading online store and payments provider. Follow the steps below to create an Ecwid enabled website.

1. Request more information about building an Ecwid enabled website on this page:

2. If you already have an account, contact your account rep to add the Ecwid connection to your site (888) 534-2183

3. Select Settings (gear icon) from the Dashboard navigation bar.

4. Select Apps under the Settings header.

5. Select the green Add Third Party App button.

6. Select the Operations tab.

7. Select the Ecwid option.

8. Fill in your account details and the site is instantly connected to Ecwid.

A new block option will now be offered to you in your Content area, titled "Ecwid". Use the Ecwid block to insert your widget codes from Ecwid.

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