Create an Items and/or Simple List

An Items list and Simple list are great ways to showcase a list of products, information, or general knowledge in a clear and organized way.

Simple List - A list that is able to have clickable items (with images) within the content block.

Items List - A list that does not have clickable links within its content.

To add either of these blocks:

1. Select Content in the gray navigation bar at the top of the page, and then click into the Page where you’d like to add you List block. (Keep in mind that some pages are specialized and don’t allow Item lists or they may be named something else).


2. Select the green plus sign button, and click the Items or Simple list block.


3. You can add an item to your Items list or Simple list by clicking the green Add Item button.



4. Head over to the Design panel by clicking on the blue “Design this page” link to make any cosmetic changes to your lists.


5. Select the green Publish button once you are ready to take your changes live!

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