Create an Anchor Link

To create an Anchor Link (a link that jumps down to a fixed point on your page), you will need to use an HTML block.

Using an HTML block does not give you the same styling options that a Text block would, and requires you to know some HTML code if you want to stylize your text.

1. Select Content from the gray navigation bar, and locate the Page you’d like to add the block to.


2. To place your link, insert an HTML block above the box you want to have the Anchor Link jump to.

3. In this example, we inserted an HTML block and pasted the following code to create a link (Notice that the link is #test).

<a href="#test">Test Jump</a>

4. Select the blue Save button in the HTML block after you’ve finished.

5. Insert another HTML block further down the page where you want the browser window to jump to.

6. Enter the following code, and notice that the ID is just test, select the Save button in the HTML block after you’ve finished as well.

<a id="test"></a>

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