How do I create a temporary landing page?

Some users would like to create a landing page while they are building their website. Here are some instructions on creating a landing/splash page:

1. Select Content in the Dashboard navigation bar.

2. Select the green Add New Pages button.

3. Select the Generic option, then select Add.

4. Enter your new page, which is added to the bottom of your Pages. Create your content on the page.

5. Select Design this page at the top righthand side.

6. Select the Page tab on the right side of the Design panel.

7. Click the Gear icon in the Page area and tick the item that says "Hide Navigation" (this will keep customers from seeing your other pages). You may also tick to hide the header or footer if you choose, but hiding navigation important so it will keep site visitors from visiting other pages on your site that you are working on.

8. Now, go back to Content in the Dashboard navigation bar.

9. Find your new page's title and click the Gear icon on it.

10. Select the blue "Use as Homepage" link to change your homepage to the new landing page.

Your new Under Construction page has been created and users won't be able to view the rest of the website while it is being crafted!


Here is how to remove your landing page:

1. Select Content in the Dashboard navigation bar.

2. On your official homepage page title, select the Gear icon on it.

3. Select the blue "Use as Homepage" link to change your homepage to your new homepage.

4. On your landing/splash page, select the gear icon on it.

5. Toggle Page visibility to off.

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