How do I add a Click to Call link?

Follow these steps to add a Click-to-Call link to any page on your website:

1. Select Content from the Dashboard navigation page.

2. Select the Page where you want to place your link, from your list of Pages.

3. You will now need to add a HTML block, do so by selecting the green (+) button between blocks.

4. Now copy and paste this code into the block but insert your own telephone number in each underlined space:

<a href="tel:800-123-4567">(800) 123-4567</a>

5. Select the blue Save button in the HTML block.

6. Now, select the blue Design this page link in the top righthand corner of the screen (next to a paint-roller icon).

7. From the Design tool, highlight the Click-to-Call link on your page you just published and Copy it to your clipboard.

8. Now, head back to the Content tool on the page you are working in (the pencil icon in the top righthand side of the screen will get you there).

9. Enter the description field of the block that you need the link in and Paste the link.

10. Now Delete the HTML block from earlier by selecting the gear icon on the block and selecting Delete block.

11. Select Publish to make your changes live to the site.


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