Manage Your Sitewide SEO Details

Our platform includes SEO integration that is built into all of your pages. You can manage your Sitewide SEO details in your Settings panel. These settings apply to your entire website.

To access your Sitewide SEO details and settings, select Settings (the gear icon) in the gray navigation bar, and then click on the SEO tab.

Website Info


The Site title should typically be your business's name. Your Description should describe what you do at your business. Be very direct and concise, entering a sentence or two that is about the length of a tweet. This section is the text that displays in the search engine result page.


Note: The Site title and Description fields are inputted into the meta title and description tag in your website's code structure. The Site title and Description are overridden by the page-level Title Tag and Meta Description. 

Search Settings


This section allows you to adjust how search engines index the content of your website. You can enable or disable any of these four options:

  • Allow search engines to index website: If you want your website to appear in search engines, then this button must always be turned on.
  • Append business name/site title to title tag: This places your site title in front of the Title Tag for every page on your site. For this reason, it is recommended that you use your business name as the site title.
  • Include pages not visible in navigation in sitemap.xml: If you have any pages that are not included in your site's navigation, such as a "privacy policy" page, this will ensure that it is added to your sitemap and eligible to appear in search results.
  • Allow external canonical URLs: Enabling this option will allow you to set the canonical URL to an external link in the page-level SEO & Sharing settings.

Site Verification


This section is where you can paste a verification code from a third-party service. This section is not required to be filled out unless you are provided with a verification code from a third-party.


This section is where you can set your Schema type. Schema is a type of structured data markup that allows search engines to interpret the information on your website more accurately. Your Schema type is essentially the broad "category" of your business.

The dropdown includes a full list of available Schema types. If you are unsure of what type to choose, you can browse the full list and their descriptions. Generally, if you do not find a Schema type that matches your business, the Schema types Organization or ProfessionalService are sufficient.

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