How do I add a conversion tracking code to my website with JotForm?

Firstly, you will want to create a Thank You page within the SpaceCraft CMS. This page is what your users will see after they submit the form. Creating this page will allow you to track conversions in Google Analytics.

1. Select Content from the navbar

2. Select Add New Pages

3. Select a Generic page and name it Thank You or something similar

4. Write a short line or paragraph on your page thanking your viewers for submitting the form and confirm that it was successfully sent. Select Publish when done

5. Open a new tab and navigate to your Thank You page, copy the URL from your browser

6. Navigate to, login and select your form by checking it off and selecting Edit Form

7. Select the Thank You button

8. Select Change Page Link

9. Paste the URL of your Thank You page that users will see after they submit the form and select Apply 

10. Select Save when done

11. Now, navigate to Google Analytics and go to your site's data page

12. Select Conversions on the bottom, righthand side. Then select Goal URLs under Goals:

13. Select the grey Setup Goals button

14. Select the red + NEW GOAL button

15. Choose a template that suits your form, or select a custom one. Then select Continue

16. Then, name your Goal URL. Then select Continue

17. In destination, enter the URL of your Thank You page

18. Select Save

Done! You have successfully added a Thank You page with Google Analytics conversion tracking for your JotForm form.

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