Create a Thumbnail Image Gallery

We provide 4 thumbnail gallery options for all websites. Thumbnails allow your viewers to quickly preview your images before viewing the enlarged version, all on one page. 

To add a thumbnail image gallery:

1. Select the Content tool in the gray navigation bar.


2. Click on the page you'd like to add the gallery to, and use the green + button to add an Image Gallery block to your page.


3. After you've added your Image Gallery, select the blue Design this page link at the top right of the page.

4. Select your Image Gallery title on the menu of the right-hand design panel.

5. You will see the first box titled Type. Select it and under Slideshows, select 1 of the last four options.

6. Customize your Thumbnail Gallery by using the settings below the Type box.


7. Select the Save and Publish buttons to take your changes live!

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