Add Facebook Pixel


You can measure the success of your Facebook Ads performance by adding the Facebook Pixel to your website.


Create Your Facebook Pixel

If you have not yet created your Facebook Pixel, then follow these steps. If you already created your pixel, then jump to the next section.

  1. Log in to Facebook and navigate to the Events Manager.
  2. Click the (+) button to Connect Data Sources, then select Web.
  3. Select Facebook Pixel, then click Connect.
  4. Enter your website URL.
  5. Click Continue


Add Facebook Pixel to Your Website

  1. Select the setup option Manually add pixel code to website.
  2. Copy the first half of the pixel code, beginning at <script> and ending at </script>.
  3. With that copied, navigate to the Developer Tools by clicking the [<>] icon in the gray navigation bar, and click on Head JS. Screen_Shot_2018-09-04_at_10.22.55_AM.pngScreen_Shot_2018-09-04_at_10.25.36_AM.png
  4. Paste the first part of the code into the text field, removing the <script> and </script> from the text field.
  5. Click on the Save button and then head over to your Footer.
    Note: The footer is the best place to insert sitewide embed codes as it inserts it on all of your pages, however, these embed codes can also be placed on individual pages.
  6. Once in the Footer, select the green (+) button.
  7. Add the HTML content block.
  8. Paste the second half of the script code from Facebook Ads Manager in the large field box. This code begins at <noscript> and ends at </noscript>.
  9. Select the blue Save button.
  10. Select the green Publish button to make the change live to your site.
    Optional: Run your website through the Facebook Pixel Helper toolbar extension for Google Chrome to ensure that it's running and capturing data. 


Verify Domain for Facebook

In some cases, Facebook may require you to "verify your domain" to use the Facebook Pixel. Facebook provides you with several options for verifying your domain, including one that asks you to place an HTML tag on your website. However, the HTML tag method is not compatible with the SpaceCraft platform, so when you reach this step, you should instead verify using your domain registrar.

When prompted to verify your domain on the Facebook setup dashboard, choose the option called Update the DNS TXT record with your domain registrar. You will see detailed instructions from Facebook that walk through how to add this TXT record within your domain registrar.


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