What deliverables are included with the Marketing Packages?

Included In All Packages:

Advanced SEO Setup

Please see a list of the different packages we offer on our package description article.


Yext Package Deliverables

Location Management Platform:

Control how your business appears across the web. We’ll manage your business listings on Yext's 100+ global partners, including Google, Apple, Bing and Yahoo.

The Yext Location Management Platform allows you to store and manage every bit of information about your locations—from basic details to enhanced content. With global and multi-language support, Yext is your location database of record for marketing and beyond.

Duplicate Suppression:

Duplicate records of your business information appear across the search ecosystem — and they cost you time, money, and SEO benefits. Yext has patent pending technology that finds and suppresses duplicate listings so consumers never see incorrect or incomplete address or contact information. Since search engines value consistency, Duplicate Suppression offers huge SEO benefits.


Yext partners with the most established and popular search engines, maps, apps and directories across the globe. Leverage Yext’s direct connections to the publishers in their powerful Global Listings Network to get found — no matter the language, country, currency, or address format.

Review Monitoring:

Get notified whenever someone leaves a review of your business so you can respond quickly.

Enhanced Profile Listings:

Add your menus, services, and more using the enhanced profiling listing features provided by Yext.

Unlimited Local Profile Updates:

Online Support Tools:

Have more questions about your business listings or your site’s SEO? We’ll give you access to our online SEO Support tools so you can make the most of SpaceCraft’s SEO features.



1 Content Piece (Up to 1,000 Words):

Google loves seeing new and engaging content on websites. Each month, we’ll write one piece of unique content for your website using your most important keywords. We’ll even put it in your dashboard for you along with an optimized title tag and meta description. All you’ll need to do is review your content and click publish to start increasing your website’s SEO.

Page Optimization:

Would you rather create your own website content, or already have a devoted blogger or content team for your business? No problem. We’ll optimize original content by adding keyword-driven title tags, meta descriptions, and canonical URL’s to up to 5 pages a month for our Standard Package and up to 20 for our Professional Package.

1 Social Post Recommendation:

Build your social profiles and engage your fans by sharing your new content on Facebook. We’ll write a recommended social post to go along with your new website content each month so you can share your fresh content with your online followers. This will help you drive more social traffic to your site while growing your presence on your Social profiles.

Monthly Analytics Report:

Each month you’ll receive a report that outlines how your website’s SEO is progressing. We’ll include the most important Key Performance Indicators to measure the success of your SEO package.

Webmaster Tools Monitoring:

From pesky 404 errors to Google alerts, we’ll keep an eye on your website’s health through active webmaster tools monitoring, giving you peace of mind.

Content Promotion Up To $100:

Our professional package includes up to $100 of promoted Facebook posts per month. Promoted posts let you reach a broader audience through Facebook’s targeting, so you can show up on more people’s newsfeed, driving more traffic to your social profiles and website.

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