How do I enable a website translator on my site?

A website translator expands your global reach and allows your site to be read by many different languages.

We have a few options to translate your website:

Option 1: Contact your site's account manager at (888) 534-2183 + opt. 1. They will be able to discuss your options, but we offer an in-house solution where we add a separate site package to a subdomain on your main domain, then link to this subdomain for users needing to translate. This will require creating a new site subscription for each language you need translated. Click here for an example site translating to Spanish

Option 2: Google Translate offers a plugin code that you place onto your site and translates directly from it. The plugin will allow you to enter custom translations for specific languages that you are able to translate through it's admin panel. Follow this link for more information:

Option 3: is a third party solution that uses real people to translate your entire site. Like Google Translate, it will require you to install a script within your footer. Localize is a great solution, but it may be the most expensive one.

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